Geothermal Exploration Drilling


Welcome to the Trabits Group website. Trabits Group is a privately held company headquartered in Alaska that specializes in technology and resource development.

Well Cements and Drilling Fluids

Trabits Group holds licensed intellectual property which gives Trabits Group, on a worldwide basis, the right to make, use, sell and sublicense for use zeolite-containing cement and zeolite-containing drilling fluid technology developed by Halliburton Energy Services. This specialized cement and compatible drilling fluid technology have applications in conventional oil and gas wells, heavy oil steam cycle wells, high temperature geothermal wells, and in fragile formation wells such as coal bed methane and shale gas. The zeolite-containing cement technology has the additional property of lowering the heat of hydration of curing cement. Zeolite-containing low heat of hydration cement has application in permafrost completions and in ground source geothermal systems where HDPE pipe is used.

High Temperature Geothermal Well Cement

Trabits Group has been awarded a development grant from the U.S. Department of Energy under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. In partnership with the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Trabits Group has begun a three-year project to develop a new, zeolite-containing, lightweight, high temperature, high pressure cement for geothermal wells.


Trabits Group holds a working interest in Wilco Energy, LLC. Wilco is evaluating a high potential geothermal resource in western Nevada along the Interstate Highway 80 corridor. Trabits Group is also evaluating other geothermal resource areas that have potential for conventional or binary cycle electric power generation.


Trabits Group has an exclusive supply agreement in place with Nevada Specialty Minerals, LLC for specialized zeolite used in Trabits Group's zeolite-containing cement and zeolite-containing drill fluid technology. Nevada Specialty Minerals is in the design and construction phase of a mine and processing facility for a ferrierite-mordenite zeolite deposit located near Lovelock, Nevada. This deposit is unique because of its large size and the occurrence of the rare ferrierite zeolite.